What are patients saying?

“Dr. Kate Kass is everything I could have hoped for in a men’s health doctor. Throughout this time, I never felt rushed and I had the sense that Dr. Kass really cared about my well-being and me as a person. Now for the best part. I am a new man! Well, a new 50-something-year-old man.”

— B.R. (51 y/o)

“Dr. Kass has been my doctor for the last two years. She discovered I had very low testosterone, which four physicians before never thought to measure. I’d recently suffered from mild depression/anxiety and was she was the only doctor who offered me a lab to assess neurotransmitters (brain chemistry). Dr. Kass is incredibly thorough and my wellbeing is top of mind for her. I was initially hesitant to discuss erectile function issues, I thought ED was just a reality of getting older. Dr. Kass made it unbelievably comfortable for me to discuss. My libido is back, ED is essentially gone, I feel like a new man. ”

— D.N. (45 y/o)

“It is working! I am having much stronger and longer lasting erections. There was some mild discomfort during the procedure but it is totally worth it. I am very happy with the results.”

— J.S., Seattle, WA (64 y/o Priapus Shot Patient)

“I am very pleased with the results of the P-Shot! I can say with confidence that I have larger, firmer, and more sustainable erections.”

— C.N.  (39 y/o)

“I have been seeing Dr. Kass as my primary care provider for a little over a year.  I am extremely impressed with the care that I have received, Dr. Kass has a very caring manner and is extremely knowledgeable in her field. She is constantly attending education conferences to further her education and remain way ahead of the curve when it comes to state of the art medical care.  As a healthcare professional myself I appreciate the time and money that she invests to provide this excellent care. I can, without hesitation, highly recommend Dr. Kass.”

— T.H. (60 y/o)

“Dr. Kate Kass is everything I could have hoped for in a men’s health doctor. From the very start, I was completely blown away how knowledgeable, helpful, and kind Dr. Kass is and I am beyond pleased and impressed with the care I have received. I have battled ED, blood pressure, cholesterol, and associated health issues for years and have been treated by an army of physicians throughout that time. Not to disparage my other doctors, but I see now that they were treating me within a very narrow scope instead of spending time with me and looking at my life and health issues holistically. Not so with Dr. Kass. Before we even looked at any kind of treatment, Dr. Kass spent a lot of time with me discussing lifestyle, diet, exercise, and most importantly, my level of desire and willingness to make adjustments. Throughout this time, I never felt rushed and I had the sense that Dr. Kass really cared about my well-being and me as a person. Now for the best part. I am a new man! Well, a new 50-something-year-old man. I feel better, I look better, and I’ve been given a new lease on life thanks to Dr. Kass. I strongly recommend Dr. Kass to anyone that values their health and wants a doctor that is holistic, empowering, and a true team player. Thank you, Dr. Kass, from the bottom of my heart. I tip my hat to you and then I take it off and tip it again!”

— E.B. (51 y/o)

“Dr. Kass is one of the best doctors I have ever had. She is smart, thorough, friendly, caring and I never feel rushed. If she does not have the answers to my questions she finds them and gets back to me promptly. I feel very lucky to have found her because my hormones were a mess and I was not getting the right treatment from my General Practitioner. She is passionate about her work and I appreciate her making me a partner in my health choices. I feel so blessed to have found her.”

— C.R. (48 y/o)

“I walked into Dr. Kate’s office six months ago, after years of working in a high-stress environment that slowly drained me emotionally and physically and the cumulative effects had finally caught up and overtaken me. Overweight, depressed, no sex drive, terrible diet, no exercise, and stress levels so high my wife was terrified I was going to drop dead of a heart attack! What I valued then, and what I continue to value six months later, is that Dr. Kate actually cares about my long-term wellbeing and not just providing me with a bunch of pill prescriptions. Dr. Kate has not only become my doctor but a trusted friend who checks on my wellbeing when she doesn’t have to and invites me to reach out to her whenever I have a question or problem. Dr. Kate is one of those rare doctors who want long-term solutions for the root health problems, not quick fixes for the symptoms, and she KNOWS her stuff! Very intelligent, constantly up to speed on the latest studies and options, wants to hear your input, and a fantastic sense of humor - she is pure gold!

While you can’t fix an unhealthy train wreck overnight, I feel like I’m on the journey back to a healthy lifestyle and I’m not making the journey alone - I’ve got an incredible doctor and friend alongside me.”

—T.C. (45 y/o)

“I have been a patient of Dr. Kass for over a year now. She is AWESOME! she provides top-notch care, not only for men's health but overall body well-being. I recommend her to all of my friends & family.”

— R.G. (49 y/o)

“Dr. Kass is an amazing doctor. She's an expert in her field and is always very compassionate. You can tell she actually cares about her patients and isn't looking to make a quick buck. Whenever I've interacted with her she's always been honest and quick to reply, you should definitely use her!”

— V.M.  (32 y/o)

“I went to Dr. Kass for a complete checkup based on blood work drawn at her clinic.  The clinic is both professional and comfortable, and the support staff friendly and caring.  Dr. Kass sat down and reviewed every aspect of my blood work and discussed lifestyle issues and possible additions to my daily activities. My visit was complete and insightful, and I was impressed with her knowledge and suggestions.  If you want to have a doctor who looks at your health from both a holistic and scientific approach and feel like they are considering you as a complete human being, I know you will be thankful to have worked with Dr. Kass. Give yourself the peace of mind of knowing you are being cared for from a perspective rarely seen in doctors these days.  While she specializes in male and female hormone health and age management, I highly recommend her for her naturopathic wisdom and support as a primary care physician.”

— D.G. (66 y/o)